Monday, March 17, 2014

Virtual Filing Cabinet

Algebra I

Hotel Snap by Fawn Nguyen.  This is complex enough to compare with SBAC performance tasks, but looks WAY more fun.

Try your luck! by Kaleb Allinson.  Great intro to geometric probability.

Trig/Math Analysis (Precalculus)
Parametric Equations Project

Applets for Volume and Slope Field by Paul Seeburger

Integration Drawing Project by Bowman Dickson

Math Pedagogy
Improving learning in mathematics:challenges and strategies by Malcolm Swan.  In this paper Malcolm describes the types of problems found in the MARS Formative Assessment Lessons, as well as strategies for implementation.

Seven (Sneaky) Activities To Get Your Students Talking Mathematically by Geoff Krall.  In this blogpost he gives credit to Malcolm Swam for many of the activities.

Instructional Practices
Reframe the Question by Amy Zimmer.  This is a fantastic post about how to turn a worksheet practice session into an opportunity for students to have rich conversations.  Plus they will be working on several math practices in the process!

Partcipation Quiz by Sam Shah.  Great way to promote discourse and culture of learning in the math class.

An example of Complex Instruction in a math class.

Scavenger Hunts by Learning with Tape.

How to make a stations activity in a hurry, also by Learning with Tape.

How Socrative Changed My Warmups by Cathy Yenca


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