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Desmos Activities

Desmos Activities

The Desmos activities on this page are ones that I created, including a few that were edited by the awesome Desmos Teaching Faculty.  More Desmos activities are available at and also at the Desmos Bank.

Algebra 1 Eureka Math/Engage NY Module 1
Lessons 1-3 Graphing Stories
Lesson 12 Solving Equations with Number Properties
Lesson 14 Solving Inequalities with Number Properties
Lesson 19 Rewrite Equations of Lines in Slope-Intercept Form
Lesson 20 Linear Equations in Standard Form
Lesson 20 Applications of Linear Equations 
Lesson 21 Linear Inequalities in Standard Form
Lesson 23 Introduction to the Elimination Method for Solving Systems of Equations

Algebra 1 Eureka Math/Engage NY Module 2

Lesson 12 Relationships Between Two Numerical Variables
Lesson 13 Comparing Linear, Exponential, and Quadratic Relationships
Lesson 14 Day 1 Modeling Relationships with a Line
Lesson 14 Day 2 Modeling Relationships with a Line
Lesson 15 (teaching tool) Interpreting Residuals from a Line

Algebra 1 Eureka Math/Engage NY Module 3
Lesson 1 Integer Sequences
Lesson 1 Part B Integer Sequences
Lesson 3 Version A Geometric Sequences
Lesson 3 Version B Geometric Sequences
Lesson 11 The Graph of a Function

Hearts: Practice transformations with function notation
Broken Parabolas (Intro to symmetry in parabolas)
1-3-5-7 Parabola Challenges (all with a=1)

Linear Equations in Standard Form (can also be used in Algebra)

G-GPE: Write equations of parabolas given focus and directrix

Algebra 2
Practice with Factoring and Connecting to Graphs
Roots of Quadratic Functions: Some Special Cases
Parabolas and the number d
Discriminants of Quadratic Functions
Polygraph: Intro to Absolute Value Graphing
Introduction to Polynomial Graphing
Practice with Inverses
Transformations of Square Root and Cube Root Functions 

Trig/Math Analysis

Graphing the Sine Function using Amplitude, Period, and Vertical Shift


Modeling Exponential Growth and Decay (can be used with Math Analysis as well)

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