Thursday, January 15, 2015


Check back periodically for links to presentation slides/handouts.
  • NCSM 2019. Online Communities that Work
  • CMC North 2018. Designing with Desmos
  • Taste of TMC 2018. First Steps with Desmos Computation Layer, Desmos Graphing Calculator: Charge Up Your Lessons
  • CMC North 2017. How to Design Great Digital Activities (link)
  • NCTM Annual 2017. Upgrade Your Cardsorts (link)
  • CMC South 2016. Upgrade Your Cardsorts
  • NCTM Annual 2016. Google Docs and Desmos in the Secondary Math Class (link), 3 Stages of Constructing Viable Arguments (link)
  • Global Math Department 3-29-2016. Desmos Activity Builder: Best Practices for Charging Up Lessons (link)
  • CMC North 2015: Google Docs and Desmos in the Secondary Math Class (link)
  • Silicon Valley CUE 2015: Edpuzzle (co-presenter) (link)
  • CMC North 2014: Functions, Functions, and more Functions (link)
  • CMC North 2012: Making Math Visual
  • CMC North 2011: Making Math Visual
  • Silicon Valley CUE 2011: Making Math Visual

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