Saturday, January 10, 2015

Desmos and Piecewise Functions

We are about to start functions and transformations in trig/math analysis, so I made some piecewise functions in Desmos to use for the intro.

The above function is named f(x).  Below is what I entered to graph the function.  

Then we can view transformations of f by typing the transformation on an input line to the left of the graph.

You can show or hide each graph by clicking on the colored circle to the left of the equation.  Below is 2f(x).

And f(2x).

Here are the links to the Desmos graphs.  Graphs 3 and 4 include questions for students to answer.   Hope some of you can use them!

All of these functions were taken from Calculus AB free response questions, hence the link back to the website.  I also made a table of values to use for by-hand practice.

Watch this video by Meg Craig for a fantastic demo of how to use the table above.  Scroll down about halfway in her blogpost to watch the video.

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