Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Google Docs in Math: Error Analysis

Looking for ways to incorporate more communicating reasoning problems into your curriculum?  Error analysis problems provide students with an opportunity to communicate their reasoning and focus on the Math Practice Standards "attend to precision" and "construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others."

A screenshot of my first digital error analysis assignment is below.  I made this on a Google Doc by adding pictures of the problems worked out in my own handwriting.  You can make a copy at this link.

There are many ways to get images into a Google Doc.  One way is to open Google Drive on your phone, navigate to the file that you want you image to be in, and then add an image by pressing the plus sign and taking your photo.  From your Google Doc you will locate and insert the image, and crop as needed.

I used Google Classroom to distribute this assignment to students.  We talked through the first problem together.  Then color coded each error according to its type.  I provided the following key at the bottom of the assignment.

This entire process took about 10 minutes.  With just a few minutes to spare before the end of class, students got started on the second problem and submitted their assignment.  Below are some of the results.

You'll notice that we didn't always agree on the type of error represented in the problem.  This was our first try at this type of assignment, and over time we'll continue to discuss the types of errors that we are making and hopefully have more agreement.  The amount of writing and discussion that took place in just 10 minutes was impressive, and I can see the results of this type of assignment improving over time.

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