Sunday, September 7, 2014

#mtboschallenge week 4: 3-2-1 Summary

My week was hectic, so a 3-2-1 Summary will be the more enjoyable writing prompt for me this week.

3 things I got in the mail this week

-Powerful Problem Solving by Max Ray

-Cooperative Learning and Geometry; High School Activities by Becky Bride.  I’ve been hearing about this book for awhile (usually called Kagan Geometry) and so far it has lived up to the hype.  There are great problem sets along with participation structures you can use for each problem set so that there are no "hogs" or "logs" during groupwork activities.

-Mentoring Matters by Laura Lipton, Bruce Wellman and Carrlette Humbard.

Now I just need to find time to read these books.  Making Thinking Visible is also on its way.

2 things that happened this week

-I taught two demo lessons.  The first was a Calculus lesson on limits.  We started this lesson by exploring gravity on different planets, and ended by discussing how to use limits to find the velocity of a falling object on a given planet.   The short video below shows the effect of gravity when you throw a ball on different planets.  This Geogebra presentation is by Michael Richardson (mrrichardson username on, and was originally designed for an Algebra I class.  I liked it so much I've kept it in mind when planning for other classes. .

The second demo lesson was an Algebra II lesson on transformations of absolute value graphs.  This is year 2 for me as an instructional support teacher, and it is encouraging to have quite a few invites to do demo lessons so early in the year.  Great to be back in the classroom with kids too.

-Final inspection from the city for the two bathrooms that have been remodeled in my house.  When my husband and I bought our 50 year old house two years ago, we knew that there was extensive water and termite damage due to leaks, so we started saving and planning right away.  The first day of summer our front bathroom was demolished, and nearly three months later we are finally finished!  What a job!!!

1 thing I am looking forward to

-Trying out some of Nat Bantings Whiteboard activities.  Hoping to try some of the quadratic functions whiteboard questions in Algebra II this week.

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  1. Powerful Problem Solving is in my Amazon wish list. Will be curious to hear if you recommend it. Hoping to get it after I finish What's Math Got To Do With It and Building a Better Teacher.