Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Spy II: Class Activity

This post gives a few samples from the follow up activity for the I Spy introduction to congruent triangles activity.  The directions that will be given to students are:

I Spy
Directions: Each diagram has a pair of triangles.  One triangle has been either translated, reflected, or rotated to create the second triangle.  As you view each diagram, see how many of the following objects you can find.

-Angle Bisector
-Isosceles Triangle
-Parallel Lines (or parallel segments)
-Right Angles

Team Directions:  Each team member should use a different color marker to record responses to the problems.  Switch roles for each problem.

There are 6 problems total to give the groups.  The first two are easier than those shown below, with only one conclusion (I spy item) to draw from the diagram.  The photos below are provided as a preview for this activity.  The full problem set with directions is available here.

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