Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mathy Activities

I was delighted to end my morning today with this:

I was even more delighted with the responses for mathy activities for my 4th grader. I'm posting links to the activities here for future reference so I don't lose them, plus maybe you can use them too!

1. Ken Ken puzzles. I hadn't seen these before and took a trip to this website. Turns out you can customize Ken Ken puzzles by operation and difficulty level, and you can also complete them online.

2. Logic Puzzles. This was a favorite when I was a kid. Glad to have so many resources to find these and other puzzles.

3. Graphiti. As I was opening this link my son chimed in with "Oooh, I love these things!" He was also super impressed that Twitter friends were responding within minutes of my tweet. Go #mtbos!

4. This website has puzzles, games, and mini-competitions organized by grade. Can't wait to check this one out!

5. Printable number puzzles (Rosetta, Star, Subaddo).

6. The lovely Patterns of the Universe coloring book by Edmund Harriss and Alex Bellos.

7. 180 Opportunities to Notice by Steve Wyborney.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed! What other mathy things might go on this list?

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